The mission of Vaishnav Parivar is to promote the welfare and assimilation of Vaishnavs through religious and cultural activities as well as by promoting the teachings and practices of Pushti Marga.


Activites of the Vaishnav Parivar


    1.Religious activities will be but not limited to following:

  • Perform religious services as per teachings of Jagatguru Shree Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhuji.
  • Celebrate religious festivals in Pusti Margiya traditions.
  • Arrange and organize Satsang at regular intervals, if possible monthly (gathering for religious prayers, chanting of bhajans, Pusti Margiya path and kirtans, readings, discussion and exchange of religious teachings and ideas.
  • Arrange religious discourses.
  • Promote Inter faith harmony.
  1. Cultural activities will be but not limited to following:
  • Arrange social and cultural gatherings and meetings to celebrate Diwali, Hindu New Year, Holi, India’s Independent and Republican days and similar occasions which are generally celebrated by the Vaishnavs of Asian Indian Heritage.
  • Organize programs to promote and to provide platform for members to exhibit their talents in performing arts like music, singing, dancing and dramas and literary arts.
  • No cultural activities in conflict with Pusti Margiya teachings will be organized.
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